For low-code software company Grexx I worked on the design of a new website. Their old website was (quite) outdated and did not fit the future plans of Grexx, with their renewed low-code platform called Grexx Platform, their new academy called Grexx Academy and their marketing related plans. It was my job to design a website which fitted those things and one that was ready for the future.



Naarden, The Netherlands


Corporate website



UI Design

Adobe XD






Grexx' old website contained lots of text and was in need for a renewal. With the new corporate identity and Grexx Platform, the website was a bit outdated and did not fit those newer styles anymore. Also, the story of Grexx these days and their plans for coming years needed to be communicated via the website. Perfect time for a renewal. 



For the website, the communication was mostly between me and the Director of Grexx. He is someone who thinks further than only his own company; he wants to make impact on and with clients in their complete environment. This was important (underlying) message to communicate via the website. In addition to that, the consultancy, the new Grexx Academy and the new 'package' called Grexx Enabled were important to make clear to visitors. Biggest challenge for me was to get all the Director's ideas in the design.



There was not really something like a sketching or prototyping phase. The prototyping and visual design phases were overlapping, which was the outcome of a little bit time related pressure because of an already planned launching ceremony. The style used through the website contains the dark blue and purple colors of the new corporate identity, also used for the Grexx Platform.


'Collaborative advantage' is something Grexx stands for. Honeycombs are one of the best representations of collaboration. This element is found in the new logo of Grexx when combining the dots and also found as background element in the website. 'Catchy' words in the background without using too notable colors which stands for Grexx being a not too loud and screamy company.


The header contains four elements, giving anwers to important questions 'how?', 'what?', 'who?' and 'which?'. A visual element like the glass effects shows transparency as well as modern and trendy, 'future proof' design. Overall is the Grexx website a modern, clear website with trendy elements, all thought through very well.